G2 Electrical Wholesale - Product Catalogue Edition 20

6 AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 20 Cable Termination Components www.ctcukltd.co.uk Earth Bars • Compact Design • C101 HDHC Copper • 50mm wide x 6mm thick • M10 nuts and bolts • Specials available on request Part Number Description EBC004 Earth Bar 4 Way M10 Studs EBC006 Earth Bar 6 Way M10 Studs EBC008 Earth Bar 8 Way M10 Studs EBC010 Earth Bar 10 Way M10 Studs EBC012 Earth Bar 12 Way M10 Studs EBC014 Earth Bar 14 Way M10 Studs EBC016 Earth Bar 16 Way M10 Studs EBC104C/WLINK Earth Bar 4 Way with Single Disconnect Link M10 Studs EBC106C/WLINK Earth Bar 6 Way with Single Disconnect Link M10 Studs EBC108C/WLINK Earth Bar 8 Way with Single Disconnect Link M10 Studs EBC110C/WLINK Earth Bar 10 Way with Single Disconnect Link M10 Studs EBC112C/WLINK Earth Bar 12 Way with Single Disconnect Link M10 Studs EBC114C/WLINK Earth Bar 14 Way with Single Disconnect Link M10 Studs EBC116C/WLINK Earth Bar 16 Way with Single Disconnect Link M10 Studs Stainless Steel 316 Cable Ties • Resistant to corrosive oils, chemicals, solvents, salt spray and antimagnetic • 316 Stainless steel marine grade self locking Part Number Description SST200-4.6 Stainless steel cable ties 200 x 4.6mm SST300-4.6 Stainless steel cable ties 300 x 4.6mm SST360-4.6 Stainless steel cable ties 360 x 4.6mm Accessories SSTB4 Stainless steel cable tie bases M4 fixing hole SSTB6 Stainless steel cable tie bases M6 fixing hole CT1-SST Cable tie tensioning tool for stainless steel ties Paxolin SRBP Sheets Part Number Description PAX600X600 Paxoline Sheets 600 x 600mm PAX1200X600 Paxoline Sheets 1200 x 600mm PAX1200X1200 Paxoline Sheets 1200 x 1200mm SRBP (Synthetic Resin Bonded Paper) laminate sheet is widely used for its good mechanical and electrical insulation properties in low voltage applications. SRBP is a strong, rigid phenolic resin impregnated paper laminate material, offering solid support. It is commonly used for terminal or printed circuit boards, as well as support for busbars and cables. Rubber Matting Part Number Description EM914X6-11KV Electrical Matting 11kV • Conforms to the new BS EN 131 • Lightweight and strong. • Durable • Non-slip platform and treads • Rubber non-slip feet • Rated to 35,000 Volts Part Number Description LAD4 4 Tread LAD5 5 Tread LAD6 6 Tread LAD8 8 Tread LAD10 10 Tread Fibreglass Ladder Range Rotary Isolators Part Number Description RI-20A-4P Rotary Isolator 20A 4pole 415V RI-20A-4PL Rotary Isolator 20A 4pole 415V - Large enclosure RI-32A-4P Rotary Isolator 32A 4pole 415V RI-32A-4PL Rotary Isolator 32A 4pole 415V - Large enclosure RI-40A-4P Rotary Isolator 40A 4pole 415V RI-63A-4P Rotary Isolator 63A 4pole 415V RI-100A-4P Rotary Isolator 100A 4pole 415V Electrical rubber matting (11kV), or switchboard safety rubber matting is an essential safety product, offering protection / insulation against electrical shocks and surges. • Weatherproof to IP65 • Easy Installation • Multiple M20/M25 knockouts up to 63A top and bottom • M25/M32 knockouts up to 100A top and bottom • Can be locked in the off position using a padlock (not supplied) • Earth and Neutral terminals are included • Captive retained cover screws • Conforms to IEC 60947-3.